Saturday, March 5th, 2011 • Locations in Richland, Brandon and Madison, MS

MCC’s 4th Annual Garage Tour Was Unbelievable!

If you did not get a chance to participate in the 4th Annual MCC Garage Tour last Saturday (March 5, 2011) you truly missed out on something very special. More than 70 die hard car guys (and gals) braved the rain to make the tour to all three outstanding garages. It may have rained but it certainly didn’t dampen the attendance and excitement. Each garage offered something uniquely different. One garage was definitely a working man’s shop, one took on more of an appearance of a museum much like that of Jay Leno’s place and one garage took everyone back in time to the 50’s when the diner was the ideal place to hang out.

It was very obvious that the owners of these three garages spent a lot of time getting their places ready for the tour. A big thank you goes out to Bill Echols, Jimmy & Lissa Jones and Paul & Karen Westwood for their part in making this a grand event. Another big thank you goes out to MCC member Mike Martin who organized this unbelievable tour. On behalf of MCC Mike Martin presented the garage owners with a very nice certificate of appreciation for their efforts.

Click here to see the 2011 Garage Tour Summary.
It was a GREAT event!

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