Saturday, May 15th, 2010 • Locations in Braxton, Byram and Clinton, MS

The 3rd Annual MCC Garage Tour, May 15, 2010, was a lot of fun as approximately 50 people made the rounds to three outstanding home garages in Braxton, Byram and Brandon, MS.

The first stop at Mike Glore’s garage in Braxton, MS, had all in attendance in awe not only for the cars in Mike’s collection but the house/garage which Mike designed and supervised in it’s building. The cars in Mike’s collection include several Lotus’, a Jaguar, Triumph, MG, Austin Mini Moke and his Nissan GTR.
George Raworth’s garage in Byram held a collection of two Dodge’s and a group of beautifully restored Ford’s was a treat even for the Chevy guys in the crowd.

Lunch at Back Yard Burgers in Byram yielded a nice surprise as they gave everyone attending their choice of one of four flavors of cobbler. A special thank you to Back Yard Burgers for the special treat!

The trip to David Sherer’s garage in Clinton was clouded (literally) by a rain storm which sent some of the group home early. David’s collection includes three air cooled Franklins, a 1938 Packard 12 Formal Sedan, 1929 Lincoln, 1958 Impala convertible, 1930 Model A pickup, etc. Not everyday that one gets to see such an array of fine cars. Even with the rain, everyone said that they had a great time.

Many thanks to MCC members Mike Glore, George Raworth and Davis Sherer for opening up their spectacular garages for all to enjoy. A special thank you is also in order for MCC member Bob Jackman for organizing this year’s Garage Tour event. No doubt we’ll be bringing back the MCC Garage Tour in 2011!

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